Website Design: The Worst Mistakes Ever OneCom Media & Marketing

Your website is important for your online brand image. You probably know this. But what you may not know that even a trivial mistake can turn out be a disaster. Here are some of the worst website design mistakes.  Avoid all of them, and your site will be better than the competition.

The Back Button

You can disable the back button of the browser if you want. Now instead of going taking them to the previous page, the browser remains stuck on the same page, redirects to another unwanted location or pops up a new window. Just be aware this annoys visitors, and they probably won’t return to your website.

New Windows

Long ago, content opening in new and multiple frames was a likable practice, But now it’s irritating and unwanted. Multiple frames use more system resources, slow down response, and complicate user experience on your website. After all, if your visitors did want to open things in new windows, they can make use of tabbed browsing.

Contact Details

Even if your visitors want to buy from you, they can’t until you tell them how to reach out to you. So rather than putting contact details in minuscule fonts on the corner of the page, where they’ll be barely noticeable, put them out front, and in multiple places.

One of the best ways of sharing contact details is to put links to a ‘Contact Us’ page wherever required, and then share your phone numbers, e-mail addresses and mailing addresses on that page. Make it easy for them to reach out to you on social media by sharing links to your social profiles on the Contact Us page, and even in the footer section of your website.

Broken Links

Broken links are URLs that don’t do anything when clicked or lead to error pages. Test your website regularly, ensuring that all links work as intended. Also, add a ‘Contact the Webmaster Link’ so that users can let you know if they find any mistakes on your website or come across a broken link.

Slow Loading Time

Slow loading times are a sure shot way to make your visitors go away. They are only going to wait for four seconds for a website to load. If your website takes any more than this, you can bid them goodbye. If your loading speeds are too slow, reduce images or remove some of the flash animations.


The navigation of your website should be clean and easy.  You should be able to tell your visitors where they should go next. To do this, add a navigation bar on each of the page, either at the top or on the side. Also, put up a sitemap on your website in the navigation bar or in the footer. And link every page with the home page as well. A good website design company will make sure to set up proper navigation.

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