SSL Certificates: Why You Need One

When it comes to your website, you have many things to consider. While some things, like design or the flow of your website, you may leave up to your website team, there’s some things you should be proactive about. One of those things is website security. If people enter their information on your website, they want to know it will be kept safe.

When your website is secured with an SSL certificate, it’s a signal to customers that you’ve taken extra steps to make sure the information they share on the website is safe. Having SSL certificates show consumers you care about protecting their information. But it also shows Google and other search engines that you’re taking steps to protect consumer information.

Do I Need an SSL Certificate?

The short answer is yes. An SSL certificate keeps the information people enter on your website safe. Many people think they only need an SSL certificate if customers enter their credit card information. While that’s definitely a time when you’d need an SSL, it’s not the only time you need one. Anytime a customer enters something on your website, they want to know the information is secure. That includes their personal information, like their name and their email address. If the information is something you wouldn’t want falling in the wrong hands, you want to make sure it’s secure on your website.

What an SSL Protects

An SSL certificate is an extra layer of security for your website. It protects any information your customers enter into your website by providing an extra layer of encryption. Essentially, any information that a customer puts on your website should be protected from the possibility of hackers. That includes their name, email address, and home or office address. But it should definitely encrypt credit card numbers to keep those out of the wrong hands.

Does It Help With Google?

It’s not just consumers who value website security. Google does too. In the last few years, Google has started penalizing websites that aren’t secure. If your website isn’t secure, it will rank lower in the search results than a competitor whose site is secured. So, even if you have the best keywords for your website and it has a mobile-friendly design, it still won’t do much for you if your website isn’t secured. When you partner with OneCom Media & Marketing for a new website, you know it will come with an SSL certificate to keep your customers’ information safe.

Website design only does so much in keeping people on your website. But SSL certificates will go an extra step in keeping people on your website. If you aren’t satisfied with your current website and want one that will ensure an SSL certificate is attached, turn to OneCom Media & Marketing. Our website team understands your need for security. That’s why we take steps to make your website as secure as possible. If you’re interested in website design and development services, contact OneCom Media & Marketing today