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What Is Hosting?

Hosting is the place that your website files sit. Without hosting, your website typically does not appear online.

OneCom Media & Marketing has hosting services that allow you to host your website with the same company that designed and developed your website. When you host with OneCom Media & Marketing, you’ll know your website is taken care of and secured.

What Is Your Domain?

A domain is also needed when your website goes live. Your domain is the way that people find your website and is something separate from hosting. Typically, the domain is your company’s name. It’s different from hosting, but both are needed in order for people to find your website.

Why Have An SSL Certificate?

  • SSL certificates are designed to provide an extra level of security to your website to protect personal consumer information, like addresses, email addresses, and credit card information.
  • You can tell if you have an SSL certificiate by the lock icon next to your URL. If you see a lock, your website is secured. You can also tell by your URL starting with “https”.
  • Since 2018, Google began penalizing unsecured website by bumping them in the rankings and displaying a “not secure” message.

Combining Hosting, Domain, and SSL Certificate Services

OneCom Media & Marketing knows that your website needs all three of these components in order to be successful. By choosing us to host your website after having it designed and developed with us, you know your website will remain in good hands. Contact us about hosting services, domain services, and SSL certificates now.

What Results Should Our Clients Expect to See?

  • Get more phone calls
  • Get more website click
  • Get more directions request
  • More visits to your website
  • Gain a competitive advantage
  • Generate more customers
  • Grow your business

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