Lead generation is all about generating high quality leads that convert to customers

Getting traffic is the easy part. Getting results is another matter. Know this: we’re focused on delivering results.

A Customers Perspective…..

  • Attract people to your website
  • Convince them to enter personal information
  • Share & analyze
  • Become future customers


First let’s identify your target audience. That means: research. What are people searching for? How does that relate to what your business is selling? Organic website traffic is the top source of high-quality leads. So we want natural attention getting, unpaid visits to your site. Careful use of search engine marketing and optimization of resources will allow prospective customers find your content via an online search. This content could be: videos, graphics, ebooks, blogs, webinars, etc. We also look at which social networks are most relevant to your audience, and strategically share your content there.


Once the content brings visitors to your site, the goal is to get them to convert to customers, right? The content must be designed to build trust and prompt them to take action because you want them to provide contact information. Designing user friendly online forms is one of the best ways we boost conversions.

Share & Analyze

The world gets more digital every day, doesn’t it? Digital analytics that Google and others provide allow us to analyze customer’s interests and share specifics about what your company can offer them. “How does it solve their problem?” is the most common question we answer for clients. We are constantly refining the processes and tracking performances in order to prove positive ROI.

Future Customers

What is your relationship like with your customers? What are you doing to keep them as customers? These days it’s easier than ever to lose customers, so we have to pay special attention to keeping the customers we have while getting new ones. In the end, we’ll help you outline solutions that attract, engage, and keep customers that help grow your business.

Lead generation is about targeting your niche. We will help you target the correct audience to drive profitable results. Call us today 888-874-9015 or email us at info@onecommedia.com